AC Products

We provide long term warranties with our product. You will be able to live comfortably for many years by installing our ducted air conditioning system. We provide air conditioners for both home and commercial purposes.

Air conditioners for home


Air conditioners in home keep the room comfortable throughout the day. These air conditioners are efficient and noise-free. There are various kinds of air conditioners for home. This include:

Wall mounted air conditioners


It is the most common form of air conditioner used for home. It is the cheapest option available. They are quiet and are installed at a high level on the wall.

Ducted air conditioning systems

It is the most expensive chooice. But they are aesthetically pleasing. You can use this system to cool multiple rooms, but you cannot have control for a single room. These systems are hidden within a false ceiling. So, you won’t be able to see it.

Low wall-mounted air conditioners

These air conditioners are used in conservatories as they are ideal for low walls. They are similar to the mounted units, but they are placed at a lower level on the wall. They are more expensive than the normal wall mounted air-conditioners.

Air conditioners of commercial sites

Retro-fitted air conditioners are in high demand in commercial places. Customers prefer a pleasant and cool environment, especially in shops and restaurants. Workers can be more productive in office if there is air conditioning, as they won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable due to different weather conditions. Schools and other educational institutions are also installing air conditioners.

We provide site survey and free quotes for our customers. You can ask for a free quote today for your air conditioning requirements in either your residential or commercial property.