trane-14-seer-package-heat-pumpFor more than 12 years we are selling and installing commercial ducted AC systems in Brisbane for our clients. These are the best looking AC systems you will find. In this type of AC system, both the internal fan coil unit and the duct work are hidden on top of roof space or a suspended ceiling. The only things that you will be able to see are discreet grilles. You can locate the grilles anywhere so that it blends with the interior décor. You will have gentle and balanced airflow in the room without having a huge AC system setup.

We sell AC systems from the major brands including Mitsubishi, Samsung, Daikin, Fujitsu, etc. We provide 10 years of warranty on all our installation services. Before installing the AC system we offer a free site visit and advice to our clients.

Our engineers are very talented and experienced. They can handle even the most complicated air conditioning installations. Call us for a free quote today!

Why Choose Us?

• We sell only the major brands, so you need not compromise on quality.
• We provide 10 years of installation warranty.
• We provide free site visit.
• You need to take into account a few factors when selecting air conditioners. The size and number of rooms and layout are important factors. We give you advice on what type of AC will be suitable for your property.
• We offer models that look aesthetically pleasing and looks almost invisible.
• We have different grille designs. So, you can install them to blend with your home décor.
• We provide after sales support as well.

What You Get